Trophy buckle awards and Clay Target trophies for sporting clays,trap,skeet,archery and other sports.

Trophy Buckles and Custom made Awards for
sporting clays,trap,skeet,archery or any event.

We offer the best prices on trophy buckles.

            New two tone Large Buckle 
                   and Clay Target display stand




              Oval Buckle and Clay Target
                   5 round Display Stand


                  Gold or Silver clay trophy 3x5 slant base
                               also available 4x6 oval base

                   New BIO Medals 
                  2.1/2   center 1.1/2

This New buckle is 2.1/2 tall x 4 wide
  and does not need a display stand

                New State Shaped Trophies 

                                   Gold or Silver Clay Target 

                            Gold or Silver Clay Target 
                       Hexagon  Display Stand 
                               18x10  195


        Large Gold or Silver Clay Target
                          6 round  x  10 x 6 wide base 


             Double Gold or silver clay targets
                         Tall  8
x 6 wide wood base

The Jim White Collection offers belt buckles in several sizes that can be worn or displayed with our unique belt buckle display base

Thank you very much for your interest in our fine line of trophies. We have found that the cost of providing trophies for a shoot is one of the major expenses involved with that event. 

Our goal is to provide you with a quality trophy package that you will be proud to offer, that your shooters will be happy to win, there for they are advertising  your event, at a cost that will allow your club to make a profit.

 With the cost of shooting today, more and more clubs are opting to search out a more competitive trophy line. by offering unique an quality awards The Jim White Collection really comes through for you.

 We have supplied trophy packages for clubs throughout the entire United States Our customer base is continually growing as more, and more, clubs become aware of the quality and low prices we offer.

With modern technology and old fashioned hand crafting, nationally known wildlife artist, Jim White developed the process to economically custom make these trophies and awards with the logo of your company, club, or organization featured on it.

Email your camera ready logo art work and Jim will handcraft these exclusively for you with no set up fees and  wholesale prices for quantity orders. We will put the lettering  around your logo  with the name of the event and the place.

                  New two tone Large Buckle 
               and Clay Target display stand


New two tone  Large Silver and           
                                      Gold  Layered Buckles 
x 4  40.00

  Small 2 tone 2.3/4 x 3.1/2


            New  Small Oval Trophy buckles
                      30.00   2.12 x 3 Gold

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